Meeting The Needs Of The Spirit

As we all know, we have Six  Psychological-Universal Human Needs.  We also know that 4 of those needs are the needs of the personality and  two of those needs are the needs of the spirit.  this section is to help you grow and understand those needs.  To develop  your spirit man.   As you learn about the LIving Waters that satisfy the spirit; you will also develop a relationship with your creator.  We all have different ways of experiencing God and faith is the only way to get in on it... so how do you develop faith? By listening and reading and of course study of the Word of God.  If you want to share your experience and your grow please do so.  I would love to hear how by making a life style where the needs of the spirit are met can create the happiness and joy that comes from within.

I want to start with the Book Of Galatias.  A lot of people have questions about Jesus so I hope that this little study helps.  I also included the answers and references  so that your study would go smoothly. Enjoy!

Here's for some meditation and prayer time before you get into the Study Of The Word.




Why Jesus Christ  gave Himself up? Gal 1:3-4

How is man justified? Gal 1:15

How do you receive the Spirit of God? By observing the law or by believing what you heard of Christ? Gal 3:2, 5

How God does justifies men? Gal 3:8 and How do you take part of Abraham blessings? Gal 3:9,14

How is the believer to live? Gal 3:11

What happens when we try to live by the law? Gal 3:10

How are we redeemed of the curse?

How do we receive the promise of the spirit? Gal 3:14

What is the purpose of the law? Gal 3:19

Why was the law put in charge? Gal 3:24

Are now under the law? Gal 3:24

Before Jesus came to die on the cross, did the world know about faith? Gal 3:23

What are the requirements to be called son of God and to partake of Abrahams blessings? Gal 3:26-29

What right did we received because God sent His Son? Gal 4:5

If you are a san/daughter of God what spirit lives in you? Gal 4:6

What is apostle Paul Plead? 4:12

How often should you be zealous about Father God and Jesus Christ? Gal 4:19

What kind of children does Mount Sinai bears? Gal 4:24

Who represents Mount Sanai? Where is it? And what City is it now? Gal 4:25

Is there a new Jerusalem? Who is she? Gal 4:26

What is our similarity with Isaac?

What does the scripture say? Gal 4;30 Do we get rid of the law or get rid of grace? ARE we free or slaves Gal 4:25

Why did Christ set us free? Gal 5:1

What happens when you try to justified yourself with the law? Gal 5:4 I think it was Gal 5:4

How do you fall from grace? Gal 4:5

What is the only thing that counts? Gal 5:6

If something or someone confess you away from the Lord’s way, what would happen to them? Gal 5:10

What were you called for? Gal 5:13

How can we destroy one another? Gal 5:15

How can we avoid condemnation? Or how can we avoid being under the law that condemns? Gal 5:18

What are the acts of the sinful nature? Will they inherit the kingdom of God? Gal 5:19

What are the fruits of the spirit? Gal 5:22-23

Why is Paul asking “to keep in step with the spirit? Gal 5:25-26

How can we fulfil the law of Christ? Gal.6:1:2

What can we, as believers take pride on? What should be always test? And what should be/we carry? Gal 6:4-5

What do you gain by pleasing self? Gal 6:8

What do you gain by pleasing the spirit? Gal 6:8

To whom especially should we be good to? Gal 6:10

In your own words what did Paul meant when he said “What counts is a new creations” Gal 6:15

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